Cricket Bookies Contact Number – Cricket betting is booming and thriving in India. Two bookies were seized in Bengaluru last week, and police said the operators often encourage gamblers to become desperate.

When India took on South Africa in a T20 match in Bengaluru last weekend, the bookies were busy and active.

Cricket Bookies Contact Number

Cricket Bookies Contact Number

But one of them was caught in the “scanner” by the police. At the end of the day, the Central Crime Branch recovered Rs 41.5 lakh from gambling and profited from other bookies in Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai.

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Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil said that he is keeping a close eye on the gambling mafia in Bengaluru. Cricket betting is illegal in India.

“We took Rs 1.5 lakh from the bookie during the match and after questioning he took us to another bookie house where he took Rs 40 lakh,” said Patil.

Ali, owner of Karnataka Premier League team Belagavi Panthers, was also arrested for gambling. Police raided 18 gambling dens across Bengaluru and made arrests in the past few weeks. “In just one month, we have booked five gambling cases and collected Rs 70 lakh. We want to stop this menace because many people lose their money and are driven to commit suicide,” said Patil. Much of the racket has also gone online, with bookies sitting in front of laptops and computers and making deals.

They accept bets on all aspects of the game, from how many wickets a batsman will take to which team will win. Even small odds such as whether a batsman will run out of a ball are used for betting.

Cricket Betting Apps In India — How To Use?

“Betters are using apps like Bet365, Bellplay and Baazi to broaden their horizons. They use fake names and layers of communication to hide their identity,” said the officer.

Scammers research their profiles on social networking sites before contacting their victims. They then communicate via email and VoIP calls.

“They hide who they are and where they are from. For example, if they work on M G Road, they tell you they are calling from the UK.

Cricket Bookies Contact Number

Most of the book makers are between 25 and 40 years old, and can speak Hindi and English, said a police officer.

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September 23: CCB raids KPL and arrests Ali, owner of Belgavi Panthers team. He is said to have placed a bet with a bookmaker in Dubai. He contacted players from other teams and the police are trying to find out if there was foul play.

March 29: Lote Gollahalli bookie arrested and Rs 2.5 lakh and 18 mobile phones seized.

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How To Beat The Bookies At Cricket Betting

Chitti, 28, a native of Mirjalaguda village in Telangana’s Nalgonda district, is unemployed and holds two postgraduate degrees. Like many others in the city, online cricket betting has become a craze and an easy way to make money. Chitti betting is not limited to Indian cricket. He follows all types of cricket in all countries, from Pakistan cricket league to women’s cricket.

In 2017, the state passed the Telangana Gaming Act, 2017, which prohibits online and offline gambling. Although some online search companies approached the High Court to cancel the move, the court upheld the ban. However, despite the ban, Chitti is not alone in his gambling addiction as many people across the state are involved in gambling rings.

Sports betting is a universal pastime, from the unemployed to the daily wage earners and the wealthy. But when the chips are on the table, the vulnerable suffer more than everyone else.

Cricket Bookies Contact Number

“I invested in lacquers, at first I made a lot of money. But it ended up being a loss,” said a mobile phone mechanic to TNM. He lost around Rs 12,000 in gambling and now wants his money back.

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There are three categories of betting that Chitti participates in: local bookies, betting sites, and friends and friends. “Everything is managed through mobile phones and cashless transactions, unless the money is in the millions. I called the underwriter, he told me the score and I will bet accordingly,” he said. According to Chitti, the bookies do not operate in permanent locations in the state. They will change their location and phone number to avoid being caught.

Chitti also maintains accounts on cricket betting sites operating in countries where betting is legal. He bought cryptocurrency which could be worth Rs 100 per coin. “You need to invest at least Rs 10,000,” he added.

At first, Chitti refused to disclose his gambling winnings. However, her husband claimed to have noticed Rs 3 lakh missing from her account. When he asked his wife, he was surprised to find out that he had lost money gambling. He logged into his account through online banking.

“We recently sold our house to pay off our debt. I deposited Rs 5 lakh in the bank, which we left after paying off the loan,” he said.

Most Essential Betting Tips For Cricket

Another form of cricket betting is when people organize their groups. One person is designated as the “line” and the others call him and he settles the bets. He also collects a 5 percent commission from each party.

The Miryalaguda division alone is expected to earn around Rs 100 crore during the Indian Premier League, say ardent punters in the city.

While state police try to monitor gambling activities during the IPL and India international series, officials admit that vigilance is low at other times.

Cricket Bookies Contact Number

It is said that in 2017-2018 India’s unemployment rate reached a 45-year high in 2018, but a police source told TNM that he does not believe that the Having a job helps with the state’s gambling problem. “They want to gamble and they chose cricket as their tool. It’s as simple as that. It’s very difficult to catch them. Gambling takes many forms. They even bet on elections,” he said.

Cricket Betting Sites: A Bookie Can Make Or Break Your Bets

However, he pointed out that the establishment of gambling in the country will bring money to the purse. “Gambling is allowed in Las Vegas. People won’t look at other forms of gambling,” he said.

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