Your own betting website in Crete – The gaming business has changed due to the digital revolution. There are many solutions such as online casinos and betting programs. The gaming industry is expected to reach about $ 565 billion by 2022, according to the latest report.

Developing betting software can be difficult and time consuming. The main reasons for this are game licenses and app store restrictions.

Create Your Own Betting Website

Create Your Own Betting Website

In this guide, we will discuss the challenges of creating a betting program and its basic features. There are also ready-made assessments and price comparisons in different regions.

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There are many obstacles you can face even before betting on software development. You need to consider a few points to create a gambling application that is legal and licensed to the public.

The main task is to obtain an online gaming license. It is the only way to get into the gaming industry. It is not possible to advertise gaming software and get users without a license.

The information below is for informational purposes only. We are not experts in online gambling law. We provide a brief overview of country laws to inform you of potential obstacles.

Each country has different laws and regulations for obtaining an online gambling license. You need to study the jurisdiction of a particular country or state. You can speed up the process by working with a competent lawyer.

How to start an online gambling business? A gambling website in Crete

In the United States, it is legal to have a sports betting business only in states such as Nevada and New Jersey. In other states, online gambling is illegal.

Australia is not as strict as the United States, which has gambling laws. It is legal to own a betting business so you can apply for a license and nothing will stop you from running the game once you get it.

There are many countries with different regulations for online betting business. Most EU countries allow at least some types of online gambling. The German government, for example, bans almost all forms of online gambling. However, in Italy it is possible to obtain a license in a specific committee. It is better to study the regulations of a particular country or consult a lawyer.

Create Your Own Betting Website

Obtaining a license for a betting business can be difficult and costly. You should go through all the laws and restrictions of a specific country in advance and notify your developers if they need to follow any specific guidelines.

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In July 2017, Google announced that developers could publish game apps on the Play Market. However, there are still strict regulations to prevent young users from downloading these types of applications. For example, it is necessary to have a gambling license from the target country. Also, the game market insists that publishers must make their betting software free.

To publish your betting app to the App Store, you must follow the rules provided by Apple. They are similar to Google. For example, any betting program should be associated with a business that is licensed and has a geographical fence.

When creating a betting program, you need to implement several payment methods to make transactions faster and more comfortable.

Many payment system providers are willing to cooperate with online gaming platforms. Among the most popular are Stripe, NETELLER and Skrill.

The numbers behind the world of online betting industry

Stripe payment system provides fast and secure transactions. It is not uncommon to include this payment solution as it is easy to use for newborns. However, there are some rules regarding the use of Stripe for betting applications.

NETELLER is one of the most comprehensive payment services with millions of users from around the world. The main advantages of this system are a high level of security and fast anonymous operation.

This payment provider provides flexible services for the gaming business. Skrill offers its users anonymity along with an easy way to withdraw money from their winnings.

Create Your Own Betting Website

How to make a betting app that brings many users? You need to pay attention to the UI / UX design that is easy to use and intuitive.

Your own betting website in Crete

According to the latest trends, the software should have a simple interface with no unnecessary elements that can annoy users. However, it is not uncommon to include small movements. For example, you can add animations or animations between screens.

Humans are visual creatures, so you need to pay attention to design to give value to the end user. It is better to work with a qualified designer who can create a quality interface.

How to create a betting program? These programs require many functions. It is better to start with the MVP version of the software. MVP means the minimum functionality that can satisfy the user. After creating an MVP of a gaming app, you can release it on the market and get some feedback from users. After that, you can upgrade your solution and implement advanced functions.

Functional software is the most important factor affecting the final cost. Discuss the set of MVP features for the betting program and the price to implement it.

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Users start interacting with the app by registering or logging in. The basic option is to offer players to register with an email and password. After registration, the user must log in. Also, it is necessary to provide ‘Forgot Password’ and ‘Sign Out’ features to make the game app easy to use.

The ability to place bets is at the core of any betting program. For example, players should see a list of categories and events. It would be nice to include a flexible search engine to help them navigate through these events. Also, you must allow users to set options and bet amounts.

Users see a list of their bets and sort them by various filters, such as date, status and more. The bookmaker can implement a suggestion system. Thus, the app may offer to view a list of instructions based on the user’s previous actions.

Create Your Own Betting Website

Still wondering how to make betting software easy? Try to insert a convenient bag. It allows users to add their credit card ID and top up their account. It is also necessary to provide an opportunity to withdraw cards and some extras.

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The menu bar must have multiple dots. It is better to create a ‘Rules’ screen for users to see the game rules. The betting program requires the ability to contact the administrator if necessary.

This feature is very useful in providing users with information about new bets and other changes. In addition, push notifications encourage better engagement, allowing users to spend more time with the app.

All estimates given below are based on the average rate in our region (Central Europe) – $ 50 per hour. We have only counted the core functions. However, there are additional costs that we will discuss later.

The development of betting software requires the joint efforts of various specialists. Here are the team members (they may vary depending on your project needs):

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To create a mobile application, you need to select the appropriate technical stack. The most popular are Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android). Below you can find a stack of similar techniques needed to create a betting program.

The technical stack of your gaming application depends on your project needs. It is better to consult an expert to make the right choice.

To understand the final cost of betting software development, you need to consider many factors that can affect the final price. Among the main points are:

Create Your Own Betting Website

Betting software should have a dashboard to manage users and platforms. It also allows you to manage transactions made through the application. By creating two mobile apps for iOS and Android, you will need a single dashboard that works for both. To develop a basic solution, developers need at least 105 hours.

How to start a betting site

Design is a must for any mobile app, especially a game. You need to hire a qualified specialist who can create an easy-to-use design. To make the UI / UX design look pretty, the specialist needs about 130 hours for a mobile platform.

It is not uncommon to work with outside developers to create betting applications. Depending on the location, vendors offer different hourly rates. Developers from Eastern Europe, for example, offer affordable rates along with high quality codes.

Developing betting apps for two mobile platforms (iOS and Android) can cost around $ 83,600. This number is approximate and based on the rate of $ 50 / hr.

How to calculate the final cost? You must multiply the number of hours by the hourly rate. We calculated the final values ​​for the different areas.

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Evgeniy Altynpara is the CTO and a member of the Forbes Advisory Board of Technical Experts. He specializes in software development and technology entrepreneurship and has 10+ years of experience in digital transformation consulting in FinTech healthcare, supply chain and logistics.

In this article, all the information to create a betting program is clearly mentioned. Obtaining a license is the most important thing in this business. You describe every process to create an application. You determine the estimated cost of software in the United States, so I can determine my budget for software development. Thanks for sharing the article.

Great articles and news. Eventually you will see a great article and here it is! Thank you. According to the Zion Market Research Report, over the next five years, the global market for sports betting is expected to grow at a steady rate of 9% per year, with a large portion of the growth achieved.

Create Your Own Betting Website

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