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We are delighted to introduce ourselves as one of the India�s leading Manpower Recruitment Agencies. Our team of highly professional, Experienced & Skilled personnel took the first business move in 2007 by laying the foundation of Prabh Placements. We combine vision, expertise and experience with entrepreneurial spirit to solve the most complex staffing challenges quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our efficient, employee-focused, and personalized approach ensures your success. We strongly believe in establishing long term Win-Win partnership with our clients.

Our recruitment tools comprises of internal database, job postings, referrals, headhunting, job portals, networking sites, marketing to the right candidates which varies requirement to requirement and organization to organization.

Prabh Placements provides the best recruitment services. We provide a common platform for jobseekers and recruiters for reliable services. We place great emphasis on working with our clients as business partners with the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality.​